raindrops on begonias

We are happy to have some rain for the first time since Christmas.


lake taupo

sun in the clouds

tokaanu thermal pools

Tokaanu is in an active volcanic area where very hot water bubbles out of the ground due to volcanic activity.  

In many places, cool water is added to the mineral water from the ground and then offered to the public as spa baths. Click here for locations and some history.

The steam from this underground activity is also harnessed for commercial use. Click here for more information.



animals along the way

skittish sheep that had escaped, wild turkeys, friendly chickens at a rest stop, a bull that watched us go by, a scaup duck (black teal) with a sea gull

Along with these animals, we also saw a huge hare, a gorgeous wild rainbow lorikeet and a few hawks.

raetihi international airport

As I was taking this photo across the street and wondering...

Hubby was giggling at this sign behind me.


You don't think about wool and where it comes from until you come around a corner and see this.

the road we travel

Before I share some of the wonderful scenery that we found on our trip to Taupo, I wanted to give you an idea of the roads we have to travel on. All the photos below are official 'state highways'. 

Most are narrow two lane roads with occasional passing lanes on the busier parts. We crossed many one-lane bridges and, yes, some of the roads are gravel! There are not a lot of roads in the country because of the mountainous terrain, so we don't have the luxury of taking 'alternate' routes. It certainly keeps travel interesting :)



Hubby and I just got back from a short trip to Taupo. Will post more photos when I get them organized.


800 posts!

It certainly doesn't seem possible that I have shared photographs of NZ with you 800 times since February of 2009. It's true that time flies when you're having fun :) 

I want to thank all of my beautiful bloggy friends that stop by on a regular or not-so-regular basis and let me share the beauty I've found here. Thanks for all the time you took to comment and encourage me in my photographic adventures.

I still have a lot of New Zealand to show you. Even though some of my photos are the exact same view from the exact same place, I will try to spare you the duplication. But if it's something I really, really like, be forewarned that I might repeat myself anyway.

Here's to another 800 posts!