Wednesday around the World

I was gardening earlier in the week and noticed that I was being watched!
Mickey didn't bat an eye when I went to get the camera.

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pincushion flowers

I was very happy to see my pincushion (scabiosa) flower starting to bloom!
I bought one plant last year and it self seeded lots of seedlings that grew through
most of the winter.

These were the very first two petals that I saw opening up.

And this is a close-up of the cute visitor that was on it.

In case you're wondering what it looks like, these two photos are the original plant,
photos taken last summer.

Definitely a new favorite.

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blooming colors

My garden actually looks a bit patchy as I have some newly dug space that isn't full yet. 
But, individually, the flowers look quite presentable :)


free range piggies

I love it when Hubby stops here on our drives around the countryside.  I have
no idea who owns this farm that has friendly piggies next to the road, but I 
do have lots of photos of the critters.



I love garden surprises!!

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Sometimes, I think I take most of the scenery for granted so, occasionally,  I make a concerted 
effort to take photos of things I would just enjoy.

I'm sure I have several photos of this abandoned house--one every time we go by!


gotta love the beach

There's not much that can compare to the feeling of peace at the beach.



more concretions

Here are more photos of concretions that you asked for. 
They take various shapes, and probably have various names, 
but are, nevertheless, fascinating!

I called these 'Boobie Rocks' before I found out what they really were!

 Here's an interesting link, if you want to know more:   https://ww2.kqed.org/quest/2012/01/12/confounding-concretions/


Wednesday around the World

My little dogwood tree (edit: that's what I was told it was, but it's not like US trees) 
Philadelphus--thanks Ali Honey--is happily blooming this spring.
I am not-so-patiently waiting for  more garden colors!
What is happening in your little corner of the world today?
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a favorite flower.

I love this bloom that I saw at Cross Hills Gardens, but I don't know its name.

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a few churches

I love the variety of churches along the roads in New Zealand.