baggage claim, New Plymouth airport and WATW

This part of the New Plymouth airport always makes me giggle--the baggage claim area. Basically, the bags are put on short trailers hooked up to a golf cart, driven into the building and then unhooked and left inside the garage doors. Then they open the gate and everybody gets their bags.
I had to post it now because there are rumors that it will be upgraded within the next couple of years.

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Hubby's sunrise

One of the great things about where we live is that we have our own special sunsets and sunrises. I take sunset shots and Hubby takes the sunrises :)

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signs and WATW

I never think much about the habits of other countries until I find signs like this on the door of the toilet stalls. Another place informed visitors that our sewer system was indeed, capable of receiving soiled paper. The things you learn.

Every gas petrol station should be a post office, too!

Autumn is rearing its head today but it's not cold, so I'm happy!
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scenes from our holiday

These are a few shots that I really like but they have no back story to tell.


having fun in the garden

We recently got a new couch and the old furniture sat on the porch for a while until we got around to disposing of it. So, one afternoon, Hubby had the old couch set up in the garden when I got home from the store for a photo with the mountain in the background. I thought it was really sweet.

But, then, while I was busy, he went one step farther and hung it up on the trees for a laugh!


pretty in purple

This lovely color has popped up all over my garden! It must have been hibernating for a while before making its appearance.




My world is still full of color, even though it is officially autumn.  My dahlias are still going strong along with many of my gazenias.

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faithful colors

My garden is quite confused at the moment.  After a few cool, autumny nights, the weather is back to summer and my jasmine and pokers are trying to bloom again. 
Of course, they won't last but I can always count on my lovely gazenias and a few other flowers to provide color just about year round. The purple Russian sage has popped up everywhere this year and is a lovely contrast to the other colors.


south island scenery

These are some random photos of the beautiful South Island.

The photos below were taken by Hubby from the train from Picton to Christchurch.

The photo below was taken as we waited our turn to enter the Homer Tunnel. Many of the vans that are rented to tourists have strange things painted on them. The one with Homer Simpson happened to be parked outside the Homer Tunnel entrance. :)

The Homer Tunnel is an engineering marvel. In 1935, five men with picks, shovels and wheelbarrows began piercing the Darran Mountain Range, beginning the creation of a 1240 meter long tunnel. To read more, click here.

Inside the one-lane tunnel.


We spent a night in jail!

Our last night in Christchurch was spent in the Jailhouse Accommodations at the locally converted jail. Click here for their website. 

Being a backpackers' hostel, I expected it to be loud but the 'inmates', even though most of them were pretty young, were well-behaved and respectful. That's our room with the bunk beds!


The Church of St James, Waiau

I'm not sure how Hubby finds little places like this--he must have some church-spidy sense or something--but this church was a surprise stop. We were just driving along and crossed a bridge when he pulled onto the soft shoulder. I thought it was to let traffic behind us pass, but he pointed to a small sign a short distance ahead that said 'St. James Church' with an arrow pointing into the trees.

Its simplicity is its beauty.



Even after almost 10 years, I find it quaint that most of the bridges that are in rural areas are still one lane--even those that are on main thoroughfares.
The bridge above is the Kawarau Suspension Bridge where bungy jumping began.

The Ophir Bridge

Below is the Taramakau road/rail combination Bridge