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The ocean is always a great place to find critters!

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A bloom in winter at Hollards and WATW

This is one of a few encouraging blooms that I found this wet and windy week, so it gives me hope that winter will pass soon.

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Missy climbed up to get this lovely shot of the lighthouse.


Hollard archives

Hollard Gardens is a public garden that I love to visit. It belonged to a farmer who was more interested in plants than farming and he developed it over many years and then donated it to the public. Click here for some history of the garden.

These are from the archives.


a few more frost photos

I'm very happy that it doesn't get much colder than this in Taranaki.


Rainbow and WATW

With all the rain we've had lately, it's nice to have a rainbow 
now and then between the bouts of rain.

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Cook Strait crossing

Taking a ferry across the Cook Strait is, technically, part of State Highway 1. The scenery is quite unique when travelling between the North Island and South Island.

Marlborough oyster farm