Although these beauties are considered the 'NZ Christmas Tree', they don't usually bloom in Taranaki until after the first of the year. This spring and summer have been quite dry, though, and I'm sure that has had an effect on their blooming cycle for them to start blooming a bit earlier than usual. 


favorite moon shots

the last WATW of the year

These are the newest blooms in my garden. It's been hot and dry but I still have lots of color.

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I love low tide

This is Opunake Beach at low tide. We were there on Saturday when we had fish and chips at the beach with the kids.


the beach on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all my bloggy friends!


Merry Christmas WATW

It's been quite warm this week with some record highs around the country but my garden doesn't seem to mind!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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scenes from a public NZ road

I adore the scenery in Taranaki. Even after 9 years, I still giggle to myself when I realized that public roads in NZ are sometimes just dirt trails. We went to Lake Rotorangi yesterday and these are some of the sights. We captured a hawk that had just grabbed a rabbit. 

He then flew off to a field to eat it and gave us a dirty look before we drove off.

This is the Tangahoe Valley Road Tunnel. Click here for some interesting history.

There wasn't enough water to keep the roots clinging to the hillside and the grass and weeds peeled off like wallpaper,

Sadly, this is what possums do to the native trees.

This house on the lake looks like a great place to spend the summer.


welcome swallows

The swallows have been hanging around the house for a while and I love seeing them perched on the wire across the front yard garden. I've never seen two sitting this closely before--it must be love!

They are usually spaced like these two. Is it me or do they always look angry??


WATW and osteospermum

My garden is looking pretty!

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some NZ scenery

Paheka means 'white man' in Maori.
For more info, click here.

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