Going sightseeing

The next 4 or 5 weeks will be hectic but I will be back with photos when things settle down.  I will try to get some photos up during that time, but I am not making any promises!


wai-iti beach

These photos were taken by Hubby and me today. Like most of the beaches in Taranaki, the coastline is covered with shallow caves. Wai-iti has one that is quite large. That's 6'4" Hubby inside. I don't expect it to be there for long as most of the rocks and boulders are chunks of the Papa clay coast that have eroded and fallen onto the beach.

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The regrown rose

There was originally a rosebush at the corner of the house. It was a bit scraggly because it was planted next to the downspout and the ground was always soggy, but it tried really hard to be pretty. 
In an attempt to move it to a better spot, the roots were broke into pieces when Hubby dug it up. I couldn't let it end like that, so I took 4 pieces of it and stuck them in the ground in hopes that something would come of them. 
Well, one did and it bloomed this week! 


Wednesday around the World

This is another shot from Tupare Gardens

My world is full of colorful blooms this week with the rain over the last few days.
Show us what your world looks like this week.
I know you can find some beauty if you look hard enough!  


Sox and Garfield

The weather has been really hot or, like today, soggy and gray, so most of my photos are of my garden or the surrounding public gardens. I am waiting with bated breath for our upcoming holiday or two--the first in less than two weeks--for fresh and different photos. So, until then, here are photos of our two kitties. 

Garfield is a unique kitty that eats any kind of human food including potato chips, That leads me to assume he had a good life with good care before he was found on the street and taken to the shelter. I'm not sure how old he is but he's at least five years old. We think his sight and hearing are failing but his sense of smell is fine. He has a wonky back let that gently thumps when he walks, but it hasn't stopped him from catching birds and baby rabbits! He doesn't mind Hubby holding him any ol' way at all and that keeps both of them happy.

Sox is almost a year old. She likes attention and hops up on the table every morning for me to stroke her while I wait for the kettle to boil for coffee. Sometimes, she will just flop down halfway on me and fall asleep.  We didn't know she could meow for several days and when she did, it was the tiniest little sound! She's so quiet, you have to touch her to hear feel that she is purring. Her main catches so far have been moths and baby birds but I think she's getting the hang of hunting.

They seem to get along fine. I think that has a lot to do with bringing them into the house together so neither has any territory angst. Sox instigates some hit-and-run play and Garfield keep up with her when he feels like it. If Sox interrupts Garfield's nap, they will have a pretend fight, slapping at each other with one paw then lick each other a while and go to sleep. 
Life is good. 


Tupare Gardens

This is the entrance to the house build by the Matthews family on the grounds of Tupare Gardens. You can click here for the history of the house and some photos of the inside.
Visitors can tour the house for free.

Tupare was once a family home and garden. Today, it is cared for by the Regional Council. I love the variety of hydrangea petals and sepals.

The other flowers are just as pretty.


A wee bit of garden color

I have every stage of growth on my lupins.

These are the flowers on Hubby's potato plants.

My dahlias are blooming but El Nino has kept things so dry that they seem to be struggling.

My Russian Sage after a needed bit of rain.


random countryside scenes

New Zealand is usually very neat and tidy, 

but this picnic area seems to be forgotten.

Poser and WATW

This lady was waiting patiently in the dreary weather for Hubby to take her photo. I think she might actually be smiling, but I can't be sure.

It's time again to show us what your world looks like this week.
Post some photos and tell us what is going on in your little corner
then link up below.

If the link isn't opened yet, please come back in a while as it will be open soon :)


moody shots on a rainy day

My choice of destination on this day was not the best but I thought I'd make the best of it with these scenes.


More Waipipi beach shots

For those with questions from yesterday's post of Waipipi beach, the caves are very shallow. They are made of  Papa  clay (click for more info) (which makes up much of the New Zealand seacoast) which erodes causing the ground above to become unstable and fall onto the beach--the 'rocks' you see in some of the photos below.


Waipipi beach

After several days of staying indoors, we headed to Waipipi Beach in Waverley to take a stroll and lots of photos!