all time favorites

I haven't taken any photos lately, with moving and the holidays, so I thought I'd post some of my all-time favorite photos. Be glad I have limited them to these few--Hubby tells me we are closing in on 15,000 on the external hard-drive that was bought just to hold my our photos.


lupin--after the blooms

Being still quite new to gardens and flowers, I find strange things fascinating. This is the remains of a lupin that has flowered.


Some last looks before we move

We are moving moving house next week and don't know how extensive our garden will be, so we will only be taking a few plants with us. This is from one of my last looks around.

The wind blew this branch off one of my rose bushes, so I put it in a vase to enjoy.


wet Patea Christmas parade

On our way to Wanganui this weekend (in the rain), we just missed the Christmas parade at Patea.

Looks like Santa's a bit lean this year!


virginia lake park in wanganui

Virginia Lake is 'the perfect' spot for a walk or picnic or just to stretch your legs. It has a walk-through bird enclosure, botanical garden building that changes with the seasons, a cafe and lots of grass.

Of course, there are also lots of ducks. They know you have food. The want some. They are not shy about it.

We harassed the ducks by feeding the birds on the hood bonnet of the car. The birds are not shy, either, but they don't attack you en masse.


thrush with attitude

We have many thrushes around our house. Lately, there are a couple of brave juveniles that dare to hop around the patio in search of the occasional bread that I throw out for them.


church at opunake

The bell is on the right-hand side of the church, behind the bushes.

Find more friendly skies to watch at Skywatch Friday!


favorite shots from the fringe festival

These are just a few of the 225+ photos I took this year. I wish you all could come and see the gardens with me--some of them are just exquisite.