mangatoki church

Built in 1904 in Mangatoki, this church is now part of Pioneer Village in Stratford. It is available for weddings.

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feeder war!

After a bit of conversation, Hubby made a feeder from shortening and seeds to hang in the tree. I hoped to see waxeyes but it seems that finches took it over. In my effort to show how much it was being enjoyed, I hid behind the curtains and snapped these shots. I had no idea I was shooting a fight in progress! I'll let you insert your own birdie dialogue :)


Wednesday around the World

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little blue beauties

I don't know what these minuscule blooms are but they decorate my yard--everywhere!

old tariki station

This machine had something to do with the trains. I'll pay more attention next time.

Rubbish Tuesday - old things


they look so innocent

This is what happens when a car pulls up at the 'pig out point' (parking spaces where you go to watch the ocean while you eat your takeout take-aways.)

They wait ever so patiently and look so harmless--until the first french fry chip is glimpsed.

Then this happens!

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It seemed that spring had already arrived at Hollard Gardens this weekend! Come on, spring!

Pioneer VIllage

After reading on Rubbish by Roan that her Rubbish Tuesday shots can be pristine places that are old, I remembered a visit to Pioneer Village in Stratford. They have several original buildings from the Taranaki area and it's fun to see them all together. I don't have a lot of information about the places in the photos I will be posting for the meme, but I will find what I can.  I believe this is a miner's cabin.


sedum in winter

Spring must be close here in the southern hemisphere because flowers are beginning to show their wonderful colors. My sedum has taken over its own flower box and is blooming like crazy!

the trees of Napier

Pine trees grow amazingly fast in NZ, like these Norfolk Pines. According to this article, these trees were planted in the 1890's and are approaching the end of their lives. 

I thought palm-tree lined streets were only in California or Florida.

I don't know what kind of tree this is, but it looked quite pretty against the blue sky.


NZ Harrier

When Hubby suddenly stopped the car as we drove around the Napier countyside, I knew something exciting was afoot. He drove slowly back a few meters and there was this beauty, standing in the water in a ditch.  S/He let me take several photos just feet a meter or so away.  Hubby turned the car around and he took some shots from the other side of the road before this fabulous bird took off.

Whether this is a falcon or a hawk, I don't know. But I do know that is it usually quite an elusive bird. Click here for more information about it.

One flies around our house all the time (we call him 'Twitchy') but never gets close unless we provide some easy food. Even then, getting photos is not easy.  So, I am happy to have seen this more patient bird that let us shoot til our hearts' content.