cygnets with mom and dad

WATW and one from the archives

I'm trying to think warm thoughts to get me through our winter weather and this shot from my archives helps a lot! *edit* Taken at Wai Iti Beach.

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Tutahi church at Nukumaru

The word 'Tutahi' is hung over the door at this church and means 'we stand as one'. Click here to read more.



reflection of the sun

The settings on my camera are for quite large photos so that I can crop the shots without damaging the scene. Sometimes, I get a surprise like this reflection of the sun in a raindrop on a poppy leaf.


wild bird wednesday

The cows haven't been close to the house for a while, but when they showed up a few days ago, so did some of their followers.

Top row: yellowhammers, kingfishers, male chaffinch
Bottom row: fantail, magpie, herons

Wednesday around the World

The last bit of color in the pasture paddock, a thistle.

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It's officially winter

Weather here is so different from any I was used to--I keep waiting for bundle-up-with-three-layers-of-clothes cold but it never really happens. For the record, I am NOT complaining--just explaining :)

This morning was very unusual because we awoke to a very heavy frost. It's the thickest I've seen since I've been here and it was quite pretty. Of course, we had to take photos. The first 3 are Hubby's before I got up.

I'm sure that you feel so sorry for me now, but I'll be strong and get--oh, look, the sun's out and the frost is gone!



Before I could zoom out on them, they had flown to the nearest tree.


balancing act and Wednesday Around the World

I was amazed when I downloaded these shots. The round drops of water seem to be balancing on the edges and tips of these leaves. *edit* This plant is a weed called parsley piert.

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Te Rewa Rewa bridge in New Plymouth

This wonderful piece of architecture is part of the Coastal Walkway along the ocean in New Plymouth

The bridge was placed so that this is the view you get on a sunny day as you come around the last curve toward the bridge. Pretty spectacular, I think!


pitcher plants

Delving into the archives this winter, I found these photos of pitcher plants from the Fernery House at Pukekura Park and thought I'd share them with you. They are definitely different! Here's a link if you want to know more about them.


cape reinga lighthouse and why I don't worry

Some of you wonderful bloggy folk have wondered why I don't put watermarks on my photos so they don't get stolen. Well, that's just my choice and there are several reasons why: 
1. I don't post anything that I would get upset about if someone 'borrowed' it.  I mean, there is always a way to get a photo off the internet--even if you don't allow right-click :)
2. I don't want to take away from the photo by plastering my name across it.
3. The photos I post are awful to steal! I resize them in Photoscape  down to about 900px on the long side. That makes it faster to upload, good to view on your monitor  and pretty crappy resolution if you try to make it bigger.



wild turkeys and Wednesday Around the World

These critters were taking their time crossing a backroad we wandered down. You can tell it's not a major road with the warning sign about gas petrol.

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awatuna stores and general store

Awatuna is another of those places that disappeared when the dairies combined into one. I often wonder what stories this place could tell as it tried to hold onto civilization.


Taranaki in its winter garb

The view from our living room lounge window yesterday.


yellow, sunny signs of spring

There aren't a lot of colorful flowers around in our winter here in New Zealand, but these beauties had popped up in Hollard Gardens--sure signs of spring!


winter scene

I thought this shot screamed 'Winter!' with a sense of humor humour. It may only be a scarf around the poor hart's neck but there aren't a lot of seasonal visuals here in New Zealand.


Gracie and Wednesday Around the World

I think Gracie has found her element out here in pasturelands. She's more relaxed than I have ever seen her and she's quite a mouser (and rabbit-er, too!).

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Jul 2, 2014