flowering maple

I have lots of shots of this flower and had to look it up. It's a flowering maple or abutilon hybridum.


new zealand christmas tree

Here's wishing you a very joyful and happy Christmas!

 a flower on the pohutukawa tree that blooms at Christmas time (summer).


the fence post

As Dave noticed on my everyday birds post, this fence post, just outside my computer room window, seems to be a bird magnet of some sort. Most birds sit on the post, but this little swallow was happy to sit beside it.


it's beginning to look a lot like summer!

The snow is melting on Mt. Taranaki (also known as Mt. Egmont) and the skies are looking mighty blue.

Alphabe-Thursday E (Egmont)


everyday birds

I get excited when I see a new or different bird in the yard garden, but they don't overshadow the everyday birds that honor me with their presence and entertain me with their birdy behavior. And some of them are quite numerous and noisy!

A sparrow fluffing herself up, two starlings fighting for the best seat on the post, a tiny waxeye (or silvereye) that flits around, a finch--one of several distinct colors--and a baby thrush who is just looking for a snack.


monochrome lilies

Hubby bought me flowers this week and the lilies really showed off!


welcome swallows

There are many of these tiny swallows that hang around at our house. They eat the bugs that our compost barrels attract. I have counted 14 at one time, flitting though the sky. I wish I could catch one in flight--they are so graceful. They put on a show for me each evening.



up above the clouds

I love the different water colors as the ocean gets deeper off the southern coast of the northern island of New Zealand. I believe that little town is Patea.



it's officially summer!

The seasons in New Zealand have been simplified and it makes perfect sense, since the weather is always unpredictable. Click here for more details.

photos from Hollard Gardens


st patrick's catholic church

The churches here in New Zealand have quite a variety of architecture. This one looks a lot like a traditional Maori Marae (meeting house).