feathers along the water

The weather was icky but I found this guy chasing the other birds out of  his path.

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World's Worst Ninjas

When we go out for a walk, I usually lollygag behind taking pictures while Hubby and Otterboy are left to amuse themselves as they wait for me to catch up. This is what they did the other day--being the world's worst ninjas. We might be a little strange, but we know how to have fun!



This is a member of the broom family and is considered an invasive weed here in NZ. But I think it's quite pretty.

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Inland beach

Hubby found, yet, another place I haven't been before (he's good like that!). This walk was along the Manganui River. There was a short 10-minute bush walk between two clearings on the water. If you didn't know you were about 30 miles from the ocean, you'd swear it was just around the corner. The white sand will be a great place for a picnic and swim on a hot summer's day.

The pretty yellow bush is called gorse. It's a member of the broom family and consider invasive and, therefore, a weed.

These ducks and juvenile ducklings were upstream but I couldn't get closer.

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fringe festival 2011

It was rainy and a bit dreary on the only day we got to go to the festival, but there was still lots of great things to see!

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