Oh, you lovely watermelon!

When we cut this watermelon open the other day, I thought the pattern inside was pretty awesome.


Hunterville court house

open Fridays ☺

sumner beach

kapiti island

...from the airplane window.

Kapiti Island is a bird sanctuary about 5 km off the western coast of the North Island, about 51km from Wellington. You can visit it, but I've heard that you must wade in the water to the shore to insure you are not carrying any pests of any kind. The number of visitors is very limited and you need to obtain a permit to land there.

"As a young boy growing up in Pukerua Bay, Peter Jackson would look across to Kapiti Island and dream it would make the perfect Skull Island, home to the hairy hero of King Kong.
When he came to film his 2005 re-make decades later, Lyall Bay and Shelly Bay ended up being the location for Skull Island.
However ocean scenes aboard the steamer Venture were filmed around Kapiti Island, a protected bird sanctuary off Wellington's Kapiti Coast.
Jackson and his crew ended up having to make an unscheduled visit to the island in March 2005 when they had to abandon the Venture because the boat began to take on water during filming, flooding the engine room." http://www.wellingtonnz.com/sights_activities/film_locations/kapiti_island_nature_reserve 

pretty in pink

Gray skies

This cormorant didn't mind the gray skies above as he kept an eye out for dinner.

ABC Wednesday - letter G



st paul's glenmark

Being from the US, I find the European styles of churches fascinating. The details are amazing to me, from the little decorative windows to the arched doorways.

stained glass: St Augustine's Anglican Church, Canterbury


yellow and orange gloriosa lily

taken by Hubby
**Thanks to Mrs BC for the name 'Gloriosa lily'!

rose petals

friendly fowl

We call this bird a shag, it's called a cormorant in other parts of the world.  They are not usually friendly, but this one was not going to leave his spot on the railing. He even let people pet him before he eventually flew away.

fetish for shoes cat

This is Jomo, Auntie S's cat. He loves shoes and purses.



hedgehogs in the garden

These guys usually come out at night, but I think there is one family that lives under our house and feels safe enough to venture out in daylight.


waiau river, canterbury

The color is from the minerals in the water (sulphur, sodium chloride, calcium, carbonates, magnesium and potassium) from underground hot springs.

antarctic center in christchurch

The Antarctic center in Christchurch lets you experience a wind storm in a room with snow on the ground. For me, it was just a reminder of why I moved from the Chicago area :)

There was a little 'slide' along with an igloo and the kids loved it all!

The mural on the back wall was a nice touch.

We also watched a 4D movie that has wonderful pictures of wildlife and scenery from the antarctic area of the world. It was a great experience, so if you get to Christchurch, you should visit here. It has little blue penguins (my pictures are here.) and lots of other interesting information about the antarctic region.

bridge over waiau river


my valentines' day gift

was a scenic tour at Akaroa harbor.

It included lots of sailboats...

some krill (that stuff that whales eat)...

seeing Hector's dolphins, the smallest in the world and only found in NZ waters...

lots of seals....

little blue penguins (the smallest in the world)...

and more beautiful scenery than I can describe!

Thanks, Hubby, you're the best!