hovering and WATW

While eating lunch at the beach in New Plymouth over the weekend, this guy (I assume it was a male since it was so pushy trying to get fed!) just hovered in the air for a long time, waiting for a snack, while the other dozens of gulls waited on the ground. 

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Tupare Garden

Tupare Garden is another free, beautiful garden in Taranaki. But, it's located at the bottom of a hill, so it's difficult for me to walk up and down. This might be the last time we go there for a while.

I'm glad they warned us, but we were, apparently, not on his list!



This is a snapshot from our Akaroa tour in the Christchurch area.
Fun fact, Akaroa Harbor is the caldera of an extinct volcano.

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a few random images

I enjoy looking through my archives now and then. It seems that something different grabs my attention each time.


another Taranaki beach

Hubby took me to Sandy Bay Beach in Taranaki last weekend since we hadn't been there for a while. I didn't feel like walking down the steep, sandy slope, so we sat on the bench at the top of the walkway.

As we sat there, I took photos and we reminisced about the last time we were there, which was back in 2012. I remembered having to walk across rocks to get down the beach where there were oystercatchers nesting at the far end and that's when Hubby mentioned that it looked like sand had moved up the beach and covered everything.

So, when we got home, I looked at our past photos and found the same scene from the same place, 2014.

It's amazing what nature can do in just a few years.

I took a photo of the grass and noticed the two dots on the rock in the distance.

Turns out they were Mollyhawks.

Three more black dots in the sand...

turned out to be pied oystercatchers.

I do like my camera and taking photos.  Can you tell?!

Travel Tuesday

Saturday Snapshot

Skywatch Friday



I love visiting the ocean any time of the year, there's so 
much to see every time.

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little spring arrivals

We saw these cuties while out for a ride yesterday.