yellow rose and raindrops

One of my all-time favorite shots.


why Stratford weather sucks

This picture of Mt Taranaki was taken from New Plymouth, about (35km northwest of Stratford).  Note the blue skies. Stratford is under the cloud that is covering the mountain.

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Kaiparoro Memorial Bridge

This bridge on the Miller Scenic Reserve was originally built as a tribute to those who died in WWI.  Click here for more information on the bridge.


wild ducklings

The last house we rented had a goldfish pond. 
Our second spring there saw over 80 wild ducklings from 14 different broods.

It was a great experience to watch, but a mess to keep clean.  A few more pictures are here.

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macro toadstools

I thought this would be a great setting for a fairy tale about little people who lived under toadstools and did good deeds for humans. Alas, I'm not a storyteller or writer.

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sepia shots


I don't have the patience to use my 'night' setting without a tripod. This is a moon shot out my kitchen window the other night, with a little fill light added in Picasa.



More fine NZ bridges that Hubby took me over just to see my reaction!

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...or do you call it abalone?  Either way, it's gorgeous!


Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

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This is Te Rewa Rewa pedestrian bridge in New Plymouth. It's designed on fish bones or whale bones--take your pick. It's the newest part of the coastal walkway along the Tasman sea in Taranaki, connecting New Plymouth to several smaller towns along the coastline. Here's a link to the map of the walhttp://www.newplymouthnz.com/VisitingNewPlymouth/Maps/CoastalWalkwayMap.htmkway