bathing magpies

Hubby caught these magpies drinking and then bathing in an unused trough.






This tiny bird is called a silvereye in Australia.


more signs of spring

When I moved to the southern hemisphere, I was hoping that seasons would be relatively opposite of those in the north. 
Sadly, it's just another thing that has me confused about this big blue ball we live on. 
In the north, August is quite hot, as I recall, and in my head it should be the middle of winter here, but it's not. 
Spring is blooming all around!


mailbox montage

These are just a few of the silly things I have seen beside the road for mail.


the lure worked

hawk falcon new zealand


We used Grace's trophy that she left in the house to see how close we could lure hawks. Now that we know it works, we will work on getting some better shots.

The New Zealand Falcon/Hawk (<--click for more info)

Weekly Top Shot (middle photo)



taken by Hubby


When I first saw this little bird out the window, my immediate reaction was, 'That looks like a cross between a sparrow and a canary!', so I decided to call it a spanary. When I showed the picture to Hubby, he decided it must be a 'finarrow' (finch, sparrow cross).

Come to find out, it's not a saffron finch, it's a yellowhammer.


misty mountain

I have a feeling I will be posting a lot of photos of Mt Taranaki since I only have to walk out to the yard garden to see it.


colors of the sky

Last evening, Hubby went tearing out the door with the camera. He went to the end of the driveway and came back with this shot and several more like it. I think we're going to like it here.