Wednesday around the World

For those of you that don't know, I am one of a few bloggers from around the world that host Wednesday around the World each week. 
It all started over at the Communal Global blog in 2010 with one blogger's dream of visiting the world.
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Ocean favorites

It's been rainy and windy all week so I looked through
my archives for some bright and cheery photos.


Sharing my garden

In case you have bad weather at your house, here's a bit of color to cheer you :)

My original pink dianthus has sprung many different shades and colors.

I thought all the irises were dark purple, but I guess I was wrong!

The rosebush seems quite happy in its new home by the fence. I think it'll stay there.

I have these gorgeous peony poppies everywhere! I pulled out lots of them last summer, but it didn't seem to make a lot of difference.

The rosebushes along the fence are probably 40 years old. I noticed the first purple bloom yesterday.


Wednesday around the World

I'm not sure what this was in it's flowering stage, but I find it 
interesting at this point of its life.

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Hollard Garden

I'm waiting for the wind to die down so I can work in my garden, 
so Hubby decided to take me to Hollard Gardens today so 
we can have some fresh air and exercise. It's always a treat to see 
the lovely colors.  I was also happy to see the  parking lot about half full of
cars--usually we have the whole garden to ourselves.


Garden update

My tulips were a bit of a disappointment this year. These are most of
the blooms I saw compared to a couple of dozen blooms last year.
Other than that, the garden is progressing quite nicely.

Three years ago, we tried to move the white rosebush because it
was in a wet part of the garden, but the roots broke off. I put four
cuttings in the ground in the hopes of saving a part of it and
now one of those cuttings is as big as the whole rosebush was!


Wednesday around the World

Here's a pretty flower!

How's life in your part of the globe?

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Scenes from Heartland Flyer trip

Information board beside the road that I can appreciate!

Beach Road in Paekakariki

The beach at the end of Beach Road with baches (short for 'bachelor', they are one-room holiday houses) and hopeful surfers.

Shannon railway station and rail museum, one of our two stops on the trip.

Manawatu Gorge. If you look closely at the photo below, you can see train-spotters taking photos of our train.

Woodville where the engine turned around. There were fund-raisers there to raise money to restore the old railway station.

Probably an old butter store building.

Manawatu Gorge


Heartland Flyer

On Sunday, a mere 14 hours before the earthquake that closed all the railroad tracks, we boarded the Heartland Flyer in Paekakariki (pronounced pie-ka-ka-ree-kee) and headed north through the Manawatu Gorge up to Woodville and back.
The train is run by Steam Incorporated and, despite the weather, it was a fun and relaxing ride.

There was an old shunter on hand to get us started.
Each car has been lovingly restored in different styles. If you are interested in these lovely cars and engines, click here on their website, then click on  the 'locomotives and rolling stock' tab on the left. 

Hubby took this fabulous shot!

Sunday Pleasure

Saturday Snapshot

Show me your Sunday