Scenes from Heartland Flyer trip

Information board beside the road that I can appreciate!

Beach Road in Paekakariki

The beach at the end of Beach Road with baches (short for 'bachelor', they are one-room holiday houses) and hopeful surfers.

Shannon railway station and rail museum, one of our two stops on the trip.

Manawatu Gorge. If you look closely at the photo below, you can see train-spotters taking photos of our train.

Woodville where the engine turned around. There were fund-raisers there to raise money to restore the old railway station.

Probably an old butter store building.

Manawatu Gorge


Unknown said...

Thank you for linking up at Impulsive Artistry. You photographs are so very beautiful - just amazing views! : ) #feelinginspired #greatwork

Bill said...

What a fun train ride.

Anonymous said...

Betty...hoping this post you shared is telling me YOU are alright!! I have been concerned about you once I heard about that tsunami!!! The photos are breathtakingly beautiful from the train...:)JP

Christine said...

A very informative board & the views from your train ride were fantastic! I love the Shannon train station !

Traudi Gartendrossel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ;-)))
Great photos! I love railways and green landscapes.

Greetings from Germany
Traudi aus dem Drosselgarten