roadside signs

For the three people those of you that have read my other blog about NZ you will know that I find the demeanor here a bit different (and not in a good way) from American hospitality. Therefore, I find it absolutely hysterical that the construction signs are totally nice and polite. Apparently, this construction was on a particularly un-tolerable bit of road and merited special signs.



This picture is from 'Republic Day' 2009. The town of Whangamomona declared itself a republic and celebrates every other year. Read more here.


roadside shots

I like to think I'm pretty adaptable to new places and situations. I've driven in Chicago and Kansas City. I've lived out in the boonies, some places were many miles to the nearest place to buy anything. And I've been content in just about all my living situations. I guess moving to NZ proved that I'm really a country girl at heart. I'm sure I could live in the city, but with views along the 'highway' like these, who would want to?!

This is the 'Jesus Rock'. It gets vandalized, but someone always paints 'Jesus loves you' on it.

We stopped at this camp ground to stretch our legs and wondered if Ranger Smith would appreciate his own camp site like this one. (If you laughed, then I know how old you are!)

I love the sights and sounds of New Zealand.


Tawhiti museum

We went to Tawhiti Museum last week to see their new exhibit called 'Whalers and Traders'. It's a boat ride through scenes of early New Zealand days. They didn't allow any photographs, but I highly recommend it if you are in that area.
We didn't go to the Museum proper this time, but these are a few pics I snapped.

Steam tractor

'Puddle Jumper' Rego tag

They run the bush railway on the first Sundays of the month during the winter. These shots are from the disused shed at the front of the property.

I love the water tower hidden away in the bush.


Monochrome drive bys

I take a lot of drive-by photos of old (and not so old) buildings. I find them incredibly fascinating.