Manaia redoubt

I used to think I had a pretty good sized vocabulary, but since moving to NZ I feel a bit inadequate with terribly English words.  This is a fort a redoubt in the tiny town of Manaia in Taranaki.  The tower stands in the middle and there are two little white shelters with holes for shooting at the enemy. There was a fence surrounding the area inside the trench .

Inside the white building. Looks like they could close the holes from the inside.


tracks in the sand

Sometimes, I think I am too easily amused.


Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

This is the latest completed portion of a walkway that links the town of New Plymouth with the suburb of Bell Block. It is a whale skeleton or a wave, whichever you prefer. Click here for a map of the current walkway.

This is the view as you walk from Bell Block to New Plymouth. I'm glad they though ahead enough to have a wonderful view of Mt. Taranaki at the end of the bridge.



Having never lived by the coast--in fact, Kansas is about as far from any coast as you can get in the US--I never was exposed to such beauty as sea shells or abalone  paua shells. Now, we pick up a few now and then to decorate the yard garden. Click here for some information on the paua industry in  NZ