HB trip

Napier Centre City Garden

Napier street

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Escaped doves

Frank drink bottle

Pipes for organ at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

Napier sunken gardens

Lake Virginia, Wanganui


my world

These are a few of the interesting things we found along the way to Napier last weekend.


birthday in monochrome

Yesterday was my birthday and we took a walk at the base of Mt. Taranaki/Mt. Egmont. I wouldn't have expected a fall day at the foot of a mountain to appear so tropical. I can't name any of this vegetation--I simply enjoyed it. These photos were taken by betty, Hubby, Missy and Otterboy.



...from my garden. Hubby bought three standard rose bushes and two rose groundcovers for our garden when I mentioned that we were missing roses.