Debra Howard said...

Wow, your pictures are amazing. I have so enjoyed visiting your blog and I am your newest fan. Thank you so much for your kind encouragement. I really love blogging and thought maybe I had left God behind somewhere when I started the 4th one but you and several other amazing bloggers were used to speak to me today and I thank you. Your blog rocks! Looking forward to getting to know you.

ms toast burner said...

I love these. Aren't spider webs beautiful? And good job at photographing them so well! I have found it very tricky myself!

Bitsa Lit said...

your pictures are, as always, beautiful! I love looking at your blogs and they always seem to lift me up!

thanks for your comment on my burger blog too! I had no idea that they are sold with pineapple on them in NZ but I suppose the McD chain sell sushi in Japan so why not pineapple on a burger?