Pukekura Park Display Houses and Fernery

These little 'jars' are full of water to drown insects.

Tire 'swan' and metal 'goat' decorating the outhouse.

All the fountains and water jars were decorated with blooms.

This park has wonderful year-round hot house beauty.




A few more pages of photos from the museum.
On NZ phones the numbers on the dials start with 9.

Top left, opthomologist tools. Bottom 2, cameras.

Top right, a 'butter press'. Bottom right, butter cooler.



This week, during the school holidays, we went to this wonderful place that was truly a step back in time. It was the Taranaki Aviation Transport and Technology Museum just outside of New Plymouth. It was suppose to have the country's largest collection of Postal uniforms, but, darn, I guess we missed that wonderful display. (Yes, that is sarcasm)

But the other things were just awesome and I was pleasantly surprised at all the variety of things they had crammed into the place.

Here is a sample of the wonders within the walls. These are out of the 'printing' department.

Many of the coming items are self-explanatory, especially if you are over 40, but even I didn't recognize some of the stuff!


Turuturu Park

Hubby is always on the lookout for places we can walk that are of interest to us all. This is Turuturu Park in Hawera that has seen better days. But it was quite interesting, even in the dead of winter.

This is an old Maori Pa (fortress) that was really huge. It not only sat on a hill, but they also dug several ditches at intervals up the hillside to deter enemies.

And, no trip is complete without a family portrait!




Paddle Steamers

Paddle Steamers at Wanganui



The sky through the ponga.


These are various churches that we have come across around the North Island.