foggy skies

The wake of Hurricane Evan that hit Fiji last week brought us some strange and foggy weather that was very hot and muggy for two days.


volcanic country side

The change from US Midwest to a volcanic island is amazing.



chess fence

Taken at Norsewood

Norsewood district jail

I don't think I would want to spend much time in here!


Oakura Beach

The day was beautiful today but the sea looks wild. The 'pyramid' in the photo is one of the Sugar Loaf Islands which are eroded stumps of an ancient volcanic crater. http://www.newzealand.com/int/feature/sugar-loaf-islands-and-paritutu-rock/

I love to see the lava rocks at low tide.

monochrome daisies





Taken at Castlepoint Scenic Reserve in Wairarapa.


juvenile shags

taken at Pukekura Park

sailboats in the background

taken at Ngamotu Beach, New Plymouth


Gorgeous pink

I love this shot that Hubby took on our anniversary trip to Pukekura Park. I've always been told that this plant is a Night-blooming Cerus, but I've never seen a pink one.


Pukekura Park, New Plymouth

 Pukekura Park  in New Plymouth is one of the places we go for a 'day out'.

This is one of the 25 entrances to the park, which covers 128 acres.

You can stroll along many tree-covered paths.

There are 15 featured gardens and trees, including this frame made for a  1908 wisteria.

You can rent a rowboat anytime. During the evenings of the 'Festival of Lights' (Christmas holidays) the boats are lit up.

We like to visit the Fernery and Display Houses with so much color...

...amazing plants....

...and interesting walkways.

We were happy to hear that the houses are being expanded, due to be finished in January!

I don't like to put too many pictures in one post, because I want you to enjoy them without feeling overwhelmed, so I will post more of the beautiful colors in another post.

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