From the archives

The weather is still a bit ick under this mountain and a bit sucky for photos. We hope to remedy that soon. No, we're not changing the weather, we're planning on moving in the near future--yay! I will keep you posted....

Anyway, the weather is ick with a chance of occasional sunshine the last few days and I haven't been moved to go out and take photos, so here are some random shots from the archives. If you've seen any of them before, then you're seeing them again because I like them!


Pukekura Park Fernery and Display Houses

I have posted photos from the Fernery and Display Houses in New Plymouth before, but I usually get so involved with macro shots I forget about the whole displays. So, on our trip there this weekend,  I made sure to take broader shots just for you :). The displays are magnificent and the staff have a true gift for colors. 

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