brooklands zoo

The zoo in New Plymouth got 5 meercats this month. They are cute and fast!


the beach at Christmas

Every year, Hubby takes me to the beach on Christmas Day. This year we went to Patea, which was a busy port in it's day. 

At first glance, I thought these folks had put soap in the water to simulate snow! But, according to Hubby, in this weather, the seaweed gets beaten to a pulp (literally) by the tide and the air bubbles that make the foam on the waves cling to it as it's blown around.

The black sand from the beach gets blown everywhere.



Called the 'New Zealand Christmas Tree' the pohutukawas along the coastline bloom before those planted more inland. The weather has been miserable for over a week, with rain that we sorely need, but the colors are still stunning.


Merry Christmas!!

To all my bloggy friends, I hope your holidays are fabulous and safe!



This shot is from our last holiday. I love the variety of trees in this park.


NZ Christmas tree

Sometimes, it's a Christmas bush along the shore, but the pohutukawa is still beautifully red in the summer, just in time for Christmas.



We walked up toward the ski field on Mt Taranaki and I stitched together some shots. The first shot is Stratford and the surrounding area.



For some reason, we have ladybugs all over the windows, sheer curtains and flowers on the patio, like last year at this time. I guess they're looking for a cool spot.