Festival photos

Hubby and I visited a few of the proper Festival gardens this weekend since we found quite a few with free admission, for a change. Most of them were in the festival for the first time this year.

We don't usually attend the 'proper' Taranaki Rhododendron Festival [that will be open for it's 23rd year this spring] mainly because one of it's biggest participants (who happens to be a writer in the garden section of one of the region's newspapers) was very condescending in an article about the fringe festival last year.

We fully support the Taranaki Fringe Festival [that will be open for it's 6th year this spring] because most of it's participants open their gardens simply  for the love of sharing. 

These photos are from a huge magnolia and catcus garden. The magnolias weren't very bloomy, but the catci were.

We enjoyed this garden because there was so many clever uses of the trees that were cut down.


The sea is a harsh mistress

This is last year on Back Beach. It's a special place for me...

...because that's where Hubby made these photos to impress me with the sea when we first started getting serious over the internet.

Those shoe prints are size 14, so you can imagine how large the heart was!

We go there quite often and I am mesmerized by the colors and formations.

Last week, everything changes. The sea reached ashore and crumbled the formations like the clay that it was.
This is what now remains. 
I am sad that is is no more, but glad I took the photos.


Boys and their toys

The radio controlled boat club was having a play at the Hawera duck pond this weekend.



, scenery

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An Eastwood moment

A few Eastwood sayings could be applied to these gulls fighting for prime space on the bonnet of the car. Hubby voted for 'Get offa my lawn!'


Tupare in color

More photos from Tupare Gardens. Read more about the garden here.

Tupare in sepia - sepia scenes

These are some photos that we took today at Tupare Gardens.



I never really looked at buildings before I came to NZ. Here are some that I thought were interesting. Click to enlarge.

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