final roadside views

These are the last of our photos from our long weekend.

I love these wonky telephone poles.

We drove up Ugly Hill a ways but it looked quite nice to us. :)

These birdies kept Hubby company at the bottom of the waterfall.

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St Mary's in Waipukurau

Hubby is great at spotting churches and, amazingly enough, many of them are
open to the public. 
This church had a sign that said it was always open for prayer and mediation.
It had a very simple, dimly lit interior but the windows were gorgeous.

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My Corner of the World

Waihi Falls - Picture by Hubby

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more of our weekend trip

Barriers between lanes. We don't see that very often.

Sheep grazing in the riverbed.

Yes, those are giraffes on the farmland countryside! Artwork, I assume.

Many of the beaches have baches (pronounced batches) along the beach. 

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Not a destination

When we take a trip, it's usually to a specific destination to see something specific. And I would take a lot of pictures and edit them nicely--crop the car mirror out or straighten or lighten so you can see it better--and then tell you about where we went.

This weekend was different. Hubby found us a great place to stay in Waipukurau, a few hours from the house and we didn't do anything but enjoy the ride and see what spontaneous turns we could find. Of course, he always has a trick or two up his sleeve to show me along the way, he's good like that.

After 15  years, getting anywhere means seeing scenery for the umpteenth time for the first couple of hours in any direction and I already have lots of photos of it all, so I usually don't take many photos the first hour or so. But I decided to share it ALL with you this time around, car parts and all so you can see what the trip is about instead of just the destination. It will be over the next few posts.

major intersection ahead
and here it is!!

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