HB trip

Napier Centre City Garden

Napier street

Enlarge to read

Escaped doves

Frank drink bottle

Pipes for organ at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

Napier sunken gardens

Lake Virginia, Wanganui


Bitsa Lit said...

Great pictures as always! :) I love the car, oh man that was funny!...it took me a while to get though, must be the blonde hair :)

Anonymous said...

This could be a my world post itself. I should thank you for the middle of the night tour, since your clock tells me it's 3:40 AM where you are.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

My grandmother used to live in Wanganui, and my most favorite place to go with her, was Virginia lake to feed the swans and walk through the greenhouse.Gosh that was about 57 years ago.

Anonymous said...

You have some very nice photos here on this post.

Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Florist Gump! That's clever! Lovely selection of photos! We've just been down your way...lovely Opunake!

Anonymous said...

I loved all the photos, but the first one is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!

kRiZcPEc said...

three mallards strolling there freely? Love that?