field of color

I don't know what kind of flowers these are but  I now know that these are tiger flowers and they are quite colorful. Thanks, Marsha!


This little guy/gal showed up on a dull, cloudy day. It's the second time I've seen him/her. I think s/he was fishing in the little river along the paddock. If you want to know more about him/her, click here.


pink peony poppies

There were three of these beautiful flowers that bloomed shortly after we moved into this house. I had never seen them before, but Hubby knew exactly!

I love all the busyness inside each blossom!


same birds, different view

I'm certainly not complaining about the beautiful blue sky and the sea gulls that entertain us at the beach, but there's not a lot of variety when it comes to shore birds here in Taranaki.  So, I thought I'd share a different perspective of them. If you notice, a couple of them are keeping an eye on me, too!


marae along the whanganui river


This marae is at Ranana (which means London). A Marae is a Maori place of gathering and worship.Click here for more information.


baby ferns

I was enthralled with these new trees that were growing along a river, but I'm not sure what specific tree they will be. They are bracken ferns--thanks, Paul!



kite day!

Looking out my kitchen window on Sunday morning, I saw kites flying above the trees so we went to check it out. Clouds covered the sky but the wind was perfect for flying!




This fern furl  is called koru in Maori. It symbolized new life, growth and peace.


Our Beautiful World - Repetition


clouds over mt taranaki

Now that we don't live under the clouds of the mountain (Stratford is somewhere to the right, under all that fluff), I can appreciate the beauty of it.