Wilkie's Pools

Hubby took these photos since the walkway only goes to the bottom of the pools and you have to climb the rocks to the top.

I love how the rocks have been rubbed smooth by the flow of water over them.


goblin forest

Mt Taranaki is home of the Goblin Forest. When you find your way through it you are rewarded with beautiful waterfalls and pools of crystal clear mountain water.
"This forest looks like something from a fantasy movie. It is primarily kamahi trees which began life perched on the trunks of other trees. Their trunks and branches have grown through and around the existing trees, creating the distinctive gnarled, twisted forest. Hanging mosses, liverworts and ferns have added to the strange effect." http://www.newzealand.com/int/article/goblin-forest-and-wilkies-pools/