Wednesday around the World

This was the scene we took in while
snarfing down KFC last weekend.

It's the last month of winter here in New Zealand and I
have had spring fever for weeks already!
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my spring garden

Little by little spring is showing herself. These flowers are from my garden,
with tulips and irises and poppies budding--oh, my!

Seasons           Sunday Snap



off-beat history

I showed you this public toilet in an earlier post
When I googled the school to give you more information, 
I ended up shaking my head. 
Here's what Wikipedia says about the town of Marco:

...The settlement is named from Marco Road, which runs a short distance to the 
northwest. The road was named after a dog owned by the district surveyor, 
Mr Sladden. Marco was killed in the middle of the road line by a 
huge boar while he and his master were pig hunting.

This lovely mural is located at the entrance to the short walkway to the historic grave of 
John Morgan, a surveyor.  When you get to the grave, it seems to be deep in the bush, 
but you can see it from the road.


shooting the moon

Having no houses or lights close to the house makes shots of the moon
easy to get. I have been thinking about other night sky shots and
I will definitely share them when I get brave.


Public toilets and WATW

One of the little luxuries of living in a small country is public toilets. 
At my age, I sooo appreciate them!
This is one is on a long stretch of road at a site I will
blog about later.

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A few more pics of our road trip

Moki Tunnel, aka Hobbit Hole

I guess it's the season for escapee sheep.

Whanganui River 

Tongariro National Park

Lambs in the paddock

A small town declared itself a Republic after being moved from one district to another. 
The town of 40 has a Republic Day every two years and attracts thousands of folk.

The hotel in the background below is 'the' representative building for the town. There's not much else to the town.

I'd like to know what this sign is all about, too.


more of our adventure

Most of the roads that we travelled on the Forgotten World Highway 
and Whanganui River Road were paved sealed but there were a few places that 
needed to be cleared from the slides occasionally.

An unexpected road block stopped us for about a half an hour while we 
watched a helicopter helping with some logging. 

They finally let us pass and there was a bit of dodging to do :)

Wild peahens and peacocks were an awesome sight to see in flight, but we 
weren't in a position to capture them in the air.


St Joseph's Convent, Jerusalem, NZ

Along the Whanganui River is a little town called Jerusalem where St. Joseph's Convent is situated. It was built in 1892 and has an interesting history. Click here if you are interested. 

I am neither Maori nor Catholic, so I will just leave you to see the photos. It's so refreshing to have such buildings as the church open to visitors any time.

St Joseph’s Convent in Jerusalem/Hiruharama

This is a prayer garden.


kawana flour mill and raetihi

Out latest road trip included the Kawana Flour Mill that was established in 1854 and restored starting in the 1970's. Click here to read more about the mill.

We stopped at Raetihi for a comfort stop and cup of coffee. The town

It has a lovely art deco building from when it was a busy town.

This is a 'typical' rest-room stop back in the day with women's public toilets.