Hawera Water Tower

Hawera is the second-largest city in Taranaki and it's name means 'burnt place' in Maori because of many fires due to Maori tribal wars. Because of these fires, insurers demanded the water tower was built in the middle of town in 1914 and now is a tourist attraction. It is 54 meters high and is made of 1340 tons of hand-mixed concrete.

This picture was taken through the window on one of the higher levels.



Taken at Hollard Gardens


random shots

A mural in Eltham.

This strange little building is in Kaponga.

This was taken outside of Palmerston North.

Each of these tiny beach buildings is called a 'bach'.


tiny violet

I found this little violet that had struggled its way through a crack in the stonework.


Some random photos

These two are from Americana last year. That's when American car owners tour the country. There was a 500 car limit for that year.


Hollard Gardens

I am so tired of the rain (although I know we need it). So to combat my 'cabin fever' Hubby took me to one of our favorite places, Hollard Gardens. Fortunately, we didn't get too wet.

 These are posted on the ladies' room wall


spring blooms

Between the bouts of rain that have covered our area for many days in a row, I got a few shots of the wonderful blooms in the garden. I know spring is here--I just wish the sun would shine a bit more!