Paritutu climb

While waiting for the 'boys' to climb up here....

 I took some photos at the bottom.

It only took about 20 minutes to get this shot. They get faster each climb!

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Christmas gardening

Himalayan strawberry tree bloom


apple blossom


Helpful old fire truck

Each year in early December, the antique fire trucks in the Stratford District come out of mothballs to aid in the annual food collection for the local food bank. 

On that day, you can hear the horns and sirens for a couple of hours to let you know they are coming! The fire engines drive up each and every street in the district to collect food. Volunteers ride with them on the trucks and in vans that follow to pick up sacks of donations left beside the mailboxes or handed to them personally.

It's pretty cool to see.

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colors from gardens past

 flowering cranberry




grape hyacinth


Mt Taranaki/Egmont

You can see Mount Taranaki from anyplace in the Taranaki District except for one place on the beach.  I have so many shots of it in various weather and seasons....but I will only share a few with you.

The mountain is barely visible on the right.