Dirt bathing

A while back, it was quite evident that a rabbit had first eaten and then dug up a small bush I had planted. Since there were more holes but no more casualties, I figured all was well.  A few days later--and for many days after--there were no more deep holes, but many small indentions in the ground. I really didn't think about them until Hubby motioned for me to look out the window today, I had my answer to the small holes. Birdie dirt baths!

WATW and succulent flowers

Spring is showing up everywhere in my garden.

Little flowers and lots of little baby plants are fun to see.

So, show us your world now. Link up below!


stuff on a log

Hubby pointed out this 'stuff' growing on a log used as a railing. It's rather interesting and pretty but I have no idea what it is--I just know it's not lichen or any moss that I am familiar with. If any of my bloggy friends knows, I'd love to know what it is.


pukeiti gardens

We don't get to Pukeiti Gardens very often--mostly because it's down some very winding narrow roads but it was too sunny over the weekend to sit home so we ventured out there, They are making some interesting upgrades to the park, 3 years' worth, so we might have to visit a little more often.

It is too early for the rhodos to be out in all their splendor and beauty yet, but we did manage to get some spring color,


visiting cows

 As you may know, we rent a house one end of a dairy farm with the actual working barns at the other end. Because of that, the cows don't come to 'visit' (read-graze) the pastures at our end very often, So, when they do, I get the camera out.


hollard favorite

We went to Hollard Gardens for the first time in a few weeks and these quince blossoms (thanks Nicole/Frau Frieda!) is one of many lovely flowers I found. I will post more later.


sunny spring

The sun came out and the flowers opened and I was taking photos!


tulip time and WATW

Between downpours, my tulips are showing off in my world, as you can see!

Now that I've shown you mine, it's your turn to show me yours :)

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windblown poppie

I love the intricate details of these brave little blooms.

Bason Botanical Gardens

Cloudy weather of late, but we found some color in Whanganui at Bason Botanical Gardens. It's free to enter and has lovely colors, especially in the spring. 


from the look out at Whanganui

The weather was icky, but we still stopped at the lookout for a cuppa. 

I was curious to see what my *n-e-w* camera could do. 

Not bad!


my first tulip

I've been keeping an eye on the first tulip to bloom in my garden, Below is a photo from a post a few days back. 

This is about a week ago, and

this is how it looks now. I find it quite pretty in each stage.


Here they come!

It's flower time, so there WILL be pictures!


Snowy peak

The top of Mt Taranaki looked fascinating over the weekend.

WATW and sedum

My flowerbox full of sedum is really looking bright.

I hope your world is pretty, too!

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sunny spring

Although I am content to tend to my garden and watch it grow, I do get out occasionally and look at other stuff. Yesterday was so sunny and pretty that Hubby and I went for a ride around the countryside. I found these guys taking in the sun.