pohutukawas are blooming!

We went out on the day after Christmas looking for pohutukawas and were not disappointed!

We also found this cute display.


Elephant Rock and WATW

Sadly, after the last bout of earthquakes earlier in the month, poor Elephant Rock has lost his trunk and is now a humble arch. :( The good news is that there should be some new and interesting column and shapes in the new year.


So, how's your world going today?
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Hollard Garden color

These are some lovely flowers from a visit to Hollards last week. I am always amazed to see the different colors and shapes they grow there. The volunteers do a fabulous job!


Waverley Beach and Merry Christmas

Even after 10 years, it's still weird having Christmas when the weather looks like this!


Wednesday around the World

The skies are looking interesting in my part of the world.

What about yours? 

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Black and white photos

This is a macro shot of mold growing in the corner of a window. I think it's beautiful, even if it does sound a bit disgusting. Such is the life of living on a South Pacific island :)


my latest colors

Having flowers on all sides of the house gives me options for quite a variety of colors and textures as I await my seeds to bloom.

There are calendulas everywhere in my garden. I have them along one fence where there's no electrical fence because the cows won't eat them. Most of them are boring but sometimes they give me lovelies like this!

This is a 'tall blue lettuce' (thanks to Missy and her botanical talents for the name). It started out very early in the winter/spring with a lovely, organized mound of leaves. I let it grow to see what it would become--turns out, it became an oversized dandelion! It's starting to bloom, but I don't know how long I will let it grow.


Avian friends

These are some of the feathery visitors I see on a regular basis. 


English goldfinch

Welcome Swallow

Gray Warbler

Male Chafinch

Sparrow and Yellowhammer (aka Spanary)


Kohia and WATW

I find this huge vine in Hollard Gardens very fascinating. There's not much on the internet about it, except the definition 'passion flower.'

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pukeiti garden

We visited Pukeiti Garden lately to check on the progress of their update. They are coming along quite nicely and the colors were fabulous.



south island scenes

These are some scenes from the South Island that I thought I'd share.  
I am always happily surprised by the formations of the land.

Pancake Rocks