Fly In at Stratford

Last week the local ATC (high-school, Air Training Corp) was part of the small plane Fly-In at the Stratford Air Port. Since both Missy and Otterboy are involved with ATC, I grabbed my camera and tagged along.

It was quite a day for such a small place, but lots of folks showed up to look around. For more photos, click here.

For more photos of the skies around the world, visit Sky Watch Friday!


Swamp walk in monochrome

Taken along one of the many walks around Mt Taranaki.


Pig out point

There is an oceanside parking lot in New Plymouth called 'Pig out point' (well, by the locals, anyway) that is, of course, a convenient place to eat your fast food after you've gone through the drive-thru window. 

The gulls are very aware of this place and perch expectantly on the hood bonnet of your car. They have no shame.

We got a spectacular view of the windsurfers as we dined al fresco.


New Plymouth

Someone thought the 'bump' signs needed some personality.

The next section of the coastal walkway from New Plymouth. I like the 'fishbone' design of the bridge.


Patio visitor

I officially love my camera. I snapped this guy crawling around on my strawberries and was astounded by the detail I saw of him and the fruit.


Ameri'car'na in NZ

Each year, American car owners get together and tour around the country showing off their muscle cars and awesome paint jobs. It's called Americarna and is quite a sight to see. We missed it this year, but the flags were still flying in Hawera a few days after the cars were gone.


Drive-by photos

Even though most of the streets in NZ are immaculate, compared to the US, I find the things left in the fields along the way very interesting.

Malibox. Yes, Really.

How strange to see this parked on the street in NZ!