black and white fern furl

from ponga (or silver fern) tree, the furl is called 'koru' in Maori


sparkling water and sailboats

It has been quite warm lately, which doesn't hurt my feelings at all, and many took advantage in New Plymouth.



The TATATM Museum (Taranaki Aviation Transport and Technology Museum, Inc) is full of great things from the past.  If you're in the area, I'm sure it would have something that interests you! 
I thought they'd look great in black and white.

The big round thing is a speaker made of paper-like material.

They have lots of old machines.



I bought this pretty plant several years ago because it didn't need a lot of water. I love all the little details of the blossoms and always get excited when it blooms. Some day I will buy more of them, but for now, I am content with the one little plant.


views from the lighthouse

This post is a continuation of an earlier post about the Rutherford Lighthouse Museum. We finally got to climb to the top of the lighthouse and admire the 1850's light along with the view.

Pictures by Hubby


lansdowne presbyterian church

I love the older churches here. They have such personality.


st alban's at taueru

There are many churches in New Zealand build on this style. They are so quaint.


strange lava beach at Castlepoint

clock tower

There are very few towns and cities in New Zealand that don't have a clock tower in the middle of town.

bar and hotel on main street

This quaint building in Feliding is a common sight on the high (main) streets of most towns. It's always on a corner and there is usually a bar downstairs with hotel rooms upstairs for weary travelers. 


river to the ocean

taken outside Inglewood

Lighthouse replica at Warea

When the 160-year-old light was removed from the Cape Egmont Lighthouse, to be replaced with a modern rotating beacon, Len Pentelow set about raising money to build a replica lighthouse for the special Fresnel prismatic light. This replica lighthouse is now a museum. Click here for my previous post about the museum.


Rutherford Lighthouse Museum

The Rutherford Lighthouse Museum at the end of Bayley Road is a specially designed replica lighthouse
 housing the 1850’s Fresnil Prismatic Light that powered the Cape Egmont Lighthouse until 1999.

Cape Egmont Lighthouse that is now automated.


black swan

taken at Stoney Oaks.

Such a cute face

As cute as this Australian possum is, his kind  is responsible for damage to forests and birds.

faces of Stoney Oaks

stoney oaks, inglewood

Stoney Oaks Wildlife Park lets you see and pet many  unusual creatures.

Baby highland cow

Fallow deer

Baby goats that tried to eat my shoe strings!