it's all in the editing

For those that have asked about some of my 'larger than life' photos, rest assured that it's not because my camera is super-expensive or has special powers :) It's all in the post-editing.

I took these 11 photos of a huge tree beside a building (yes, I repeated one to fill in the small squares of the mosaic) and used autostitch to combine them into one beautiful scene. Click here for the autostitch download.and/or more information. 

Of course, the finished scene is not perfect, so I cropped the shot to include what I want to have in the final photo.

Then I used the clone brush in photoscape to fill in the edges. Click here for the photoscape download and more information.


Of course, sometimes, I just can't leave well enough alone, so I used the 'threshold' button on photoscape to create this:

Please feel free to ask any questions about any of these processes in a comment or email me at tenfootheart (at) gmail (dot) com.


roses moasic

Roses were in bloom in Hawera's King Edward Park this weekend. They were so amazing that they took my breath away!


yellow dainty blooms

I have no idea what this plant is, but it grows quite well with little attention. If you know what it is, I'd be happy for you to let me know the name.
Thanks to PeeJay, I now know it's sedum acre aureum.

Macro Monday

pink skies


the town of kaponga

This sleepy little town is about 25 minutes from Stratford. The name means 'tree ferns used for palisades', according to southtaranaki.com.

As we walked one of main streets, we found these old vehicles inside a garage. This bicycle is called a 'penny-farthing' because of the proportions of wheel size to a penny and a farthing.

One of many motorized bicycles in this garage.

The old-fashioned wiring is quaint.

According to Jason's, this town has a strong Swiss background.

Click here for more history of Kaponga from NZETC (NZ Electonic Text Collection).


mt taranaki

as seen from Opunake.

lava rocks and foam

lane changes

...with a lot of traffic. We usually only see one car at a time when we are driving.

low tide clingers


spring mosaic

festival mosaic

flowers mosaic

Springtime in New Zealand brings so many wonderful colors that picking flowers one at a time for my post would be impossible. I give you a mosaic of favorites.