Waingongoro River dam

These photos are of the old dam site at Normanby. The dam produced electricity from 1903 to 1967 until flooding damaged the station. Nowadays, it's used for dam-dropping fun in the summertime.



back in time and WATW

I took this shot a few years ago in a little town in Taranaki.

When I edited it in sepia, I felt like I was taken back in time.

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sights at Hollard Gardens

As many of you know, we visit Hollard Gardens often. It's a beautiful place and entry is free. It looks like spring is not far away!

Hubby shot this witch hazel backlit by the sun.


Sea birds

river patterns

This shot from the archives is of the Wairau River, I believe.

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the perfect rock

I showed you my first shot of this little guy/gal earlier when I first saw him/her. I didn't realize I had this shot until later. I think he/she is trying out rocks to see how comfy they are.


Here's the next time we saw him/her, looking quite content. I had to edit it a lot since the seal blended in with the rocks and the sun was going down, but that little seal-face says it all.


the artistry of the wind

The sandstone cliffs are very easily shaped and the wind has created a great masterpiece along the Coastal Walkway in New Plymouth.


visiting seal

I was looking for birds to photograph and some movement in the viewing screen caught my eye. This little guy was looking for a sunny rock. We saw him again farther down the beach but he blended in too well with the rocks for a good picture.


wintery skies

It looks as if Mt Taranaki is dressed in her finest, flowing scarf.

WATW and dreaming of blue skies

I'm still looking through archives but hope to have some new photos soon.

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st mary's catholic cathedral, new plymouth

Here are the promised photos from this post.

This beautiful church is simply too big to get the exterior in one shot, so I didn't try. I will let the interior speak for itself.

The banners below denote equal memorial of the European settlers and Maori who were lost in battle.

The back of the church to give you an idea of its size.


winter green

I've been picking photos from the archives for a few weeks because it's been rainy and cold, as it is most winters. Fortunately, the snow has stayed to the east and south of us,which doesn't hurt my feelings at all!

The reality is that New Zealand is green year round with the pine trees that are everywhere in Taranaki. We get many shades of green with the different types of trees, so I don't ever feel like winter has truly arrived. In my book, that's not a bad thing.

I love the macrocarpa trees, even though they aren't native to NZ. The seem to me to be fighters that keep growing even when the wind has torn the branches away.


since 1846

This is St. Mary's Catholic Church in New Plymouth. It was built in 1846. 

With all the earthquakes in the southern part of the country, all public buildings are being assessed as to their safety. Sadly, this grand church is not considered 'earthquake proof', even though few quakes ever reach this part of the North Island, so it will quite possibly be closed to the public in the near future. We had visited once for photos but I wanted to go again--just in case. I will post more photos later.


thistle buds and WATW

These thistle buds are from the archives. I hope springs arrives soon!

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My world is messed up

I try to observe nature around me and was convinced that I could, to some degree, categorize flowers by the seasons they are in bloom. After a trip to the park in Hawera last weekend, I have officially given up. All these lovely plants were blooming like it's summertime when it's actually the middle of winter!

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