the last of....

Hubby's Long Beach photos taken at Waverley. Earlier photos are here, here, and here.


meanwhile, back at the ranch...

It has been so warm and sunny at the house the last few days that the garden has bloomed some more.

I saw this guy out the kitchen window fighting a rival in the mirror front of an old microwave!
He spent a long time trying to fly at him but, of course, didn't succeed.

The next day, I noticed that he was smart enough to look behind the
door before resuming his defense of his world.

During some drizzle in the mornings, I was treated to many lovely rainbows. Some were very low in the trees behind the house.


Wednesday around the World

This is a Stewart Island Robin, only found on Stewart Island at the bottom of New Zealand. We were fortunate to see it when we toured there a while back.

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Wednesday around the World

The sky is always fascinating. I love this cloud over Mt Taranaki that looks like a tornado.

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spring is early in Hawera!

We went to King Edward Park in Hawera for a little exercise
and were pleasantly surprised at the burst of spring that we found.