tiny erica blooms

This is a winter flowering heather that is called erica.


I am forever taking photos too late for natural light and end up with many silhouette shots.


Yellow beauties

I thought these were in a tree top in Pukekura Park. Whatever they are, I like them.

Thanks, Ida, for the ID as Mahonia aquifolium or Oregon Grape.


Surprising find

This guy (or gal) was crawling on our paint-chipped gnome that we have hauled around for years. I have never seen anything remotely close to him (or her) before. The closest identification I can find is possibly an 'assassin bug', but that's just a guess. Any help in identifying it would be welcome. 

Thanks to Yamini, Hanna and Ittdgy for identifying it for me as a Squeaking Longhorn Beetle that is native to NZ.

The fuzzy antennae are interesting.

poached eggs and WATW

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From the archives, this little guy hangs around the house sometimes. Maybe he wants some birdy company now and then.


mt taranaki

This isn't the shot I wanted, even though Hubby was quite happy to pull over so I could snap the mountain; but with cloudy/rainy weather, you have to take what you get.

fence of skis

This fence is in New Plymouth. I'm pretty sure it's not out of focus, but I could be wrong!


crepuscular rays

We caught this awesome sight in New Plymouth tonight. I figured there had to be a name for the rays and I found that they are called crepuscular rays.

white crocuses and Wednesday around the World

From the archives.

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Patea on a windy day

We've had some horrific winds for the last few weeks and they certainly have affected the water in the Tasman Sea. 

The first two photos were taken from the lookout  at the Patea River while black sand pelted Hubby and me. The wind blew the camera so much I had to straighten almost all the photos but the view was still incredible.

When we went down to the coastline, the sand was blowing everywhere.

The remains of a pier seemed to be in another world with low tide.

Wednesday Waters              Photo Story Friday


scenes from a fern house

These were taken earlier this year at New Plymouth's Pukekura Park Fern House.

I thought I might get away with not looking up the name of this purple beauty, but I was wrong! It's name is Blue Mist Flower [Bartlettina sordida], I believe.


WATW and Eltham public telephone

There aren't many of these left but I hope this one is connected to the historical building behind.

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Palmerston North

For some reason, I am drawn to the Art Deco buildings everwhere we go!

scene in a raindrop

I was surprised that the trees showed up in the drop of rain. I thought they would be too far away!


autumn sunset

The closer winter comes, the closer the sun sets to the mountain.


in the garden

Even though most of the native trees here in New Zealand are evergreens of one kind or another, we have two ornamental cherry trees in the front yard garden that provide a bit of autumnal color. Here is one of them in its fall glory.

I'm sure these trees have been here since the house was originally build and was used as the homestead before the bigger house down the drive was built. Over the years, they obviously weren't pruned or shaped, so the limbs are askew and the trees are quite unique. I find the huge limbs interesting as they appear to have shiny bands all along them.

I also found this little wax eye flitting around.


Casual walkway

I think it's great that public walkways are allowed on privately owned land.

"Walkway closed 1 July to 30 September due to lambing.
Beach access safe 2 hrs either side of low tide.
This walkway follows an easement over private land including land once taken by the crown but returned to Ngati Tama (maori tribe) under the Ngati Tama Claims Settlement Act 2003.
Please respect the landowners' properties by keeping to the walkway. 
Use the stiles and do not disturb stock or trap boxes."

Signs, Signs


Wednesday around the World

I'm looking through my archives these rainy, cold days.

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