macrocarpa house

This is one of those places that I see and admire often but never get the camera out in time
to photograph. Obviously, I finally remembered!
These are macrocarpa trees that line the driveway. I wonder how old they are...


some critters I noticed

I have to admit that I didn't really notice the little things around me before I
retired to New Zealand. Now, I'm making up for it now while looking for
fabulous things to photograph.


Some color from here and there

I thought some of you could use a bit of color about now!


A Wednesday tradition has come to an end. This is the very last link-up
for Wednesday around the World. (Click here for more info.) 

It's been fun looking into your corner of the world and I don't want to stop!!

I have decided to start a new link-up here on Photographing New Zealand that
will begin next Wednesday. 

So be sure to come back next week at the same time 
and start the new year with me and a brand new link-up!