another rainbow

I know I post a lot of rainbows but I just HAVE to go out and try to capture the whole thing when I see them because they are just so pretty! Most of the rainbow photos are two or three photos stitched together with Autostitch.


Patea after the storm

Here are a few more photos we took at Patea last weekend.
Hubby took the first two.

The 'foam' is actually beaten-up algae.


cattle stop on lindis pass and WATW

I have had countless 'I'd-never-see that-in Kansas' moments since I moved to 
New Zealand and this is definitely one of them. 
We were in the South Island  earlier this year on a major 'highway' (yes, most 
roads are 2 lane) in central Otago mountains and saw cattle stops along the Lindis Pass. 

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marshmallow skies

Last night, I peeked out the window and had to 
take the camera outside for some snaps.


stormy weather and WATW

It's been a little like winter this last week (although winter was suppose to have
arrived last month!) and the weather has been a bit fierce along the shore, as you can see.

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color in winter

As I have mentioned before, this winter has been the mildest I have ever seen here. Until last week, I only had a fire in the fireplace twice for heat. 
It's half way to spring but my garden never figured that out. There weren't a lot of blooms (California poppies, phlox mostly), but the picture below shows you how green it has been all this time.

The camellias that usually start blooming in October have been blooming all over Taranaki. This is mine--only two blooms, but they are so big and beautiful :)

The one flower I can usually count on for color all-year-round is calendula. I imagine the whole yard was full of them once, as they pop up in huge numbers everywhere!

Just to cheer myself up on this rainy, gray day, I'm sharing some lovely color from last summer's garden.


foamy seas

We've had some rough weather the last week or so in Taranaki. It seems that winter has arrived! After a few days inside, we went for a drive and were rewarded with some amazing waves and a few brave birds.


flowers from Hubby

Every once in a while, Hubby surprises me with flowers. 
I enjoy the color they bring into the house as I don't usually remember to bring in flowers from the garden!
It's so sweet knowing that he thinks of me when he's out.