traces of life

Hubby found these fungi on the woodpile in the paddock. I find them quite amazing.


old red barn

I'm linking up this photo with Roan over at Rubbish by Roan. She's been brave enough to start a photo meme of old stuff since Barn Charm has gone. Be sure to stop over and see if you can link up with her--I know she will appreciate it! Help her get the word out. Please :)


colors in the sky

This was the view down our long, long road to the house. Our very own rainbow!


A little sunshine on a rainy day

Cyclone Ita has brought us some much-needed rain over the last few days but staying inside is getting old. So I jumped into the archives and found this bright spot from a while back. *sigh* I feel better now.


water drops and imagination

Some of these raindrops look like alien life to me. I first thought about those magnified 'things' that crawl around on us that we didn't know we carried around with us but I started to itch so I tried to think of something else. Aliens. Yeah. That works. Aliens.



The weather hasn't cooperated very well lately for photos, but I find the foggy photos have their own beauty.


drive-by churches

A few of the places of worship that I have captured on my journeys around New Zealand.


view from a bench

Those of you that visit regularly know that I often post photos from Hollard Gardens. It's a wonderful place that began as a private garden and is now a public place run by the Taranaki District Council. This is the view we had while we rested for a bit.

I have no idea what this little critter is, but he (she?) seemed to be enjoying the flowers as much as we did!