tree farming

Tree farming is common in most NZ areas, although pines grow the best in the Bay of Plenty area.

Newly planted pine trees

Tree farm, middle left

Mature trees on hillside



I thought our weather had messed up the monarchs' breeding patterns until I did a little research and found out that there are several generations and not all of them migrate. I was absolutely astounded to find these hanging in a sunny spot on trees in a park in Hawera.

another unidentified flower

I don't know what this is, but I like how they caught the sunlight in Hawera Park.

As always, if you know the name of this plant, I'd be tickled if you let me know.

Many thanks to Gunilla for the name Corydalis.

Floral Love

Little Things Thursday


parking meter art

These sit along the sidewalk footpath in New Plymouth. I thought they added a bit of fun to the business area.


fawn at Stoney Oaks

This cute little guy (?) roams freely at Stoney Oaks Park, but he's a bit shy.


woody and the flowers

Woody is a little guy that Hubby made and he sits on the bridge across a little creek.


taranaki coastline

marsland hill

Marsland Hill is in New Plymouth, Taranaki, and affords a great view of the city and shoreline. The hill has an interesting history for those interested. You can click here to read about it.

There are memorials to fallen soldiers all across New Zealand. This fountain on Marsland Hill was dedicated to those in the Boer War (1899-1902). In 1979 it was moved to a pedestrian mall and then back in 1997 when the mall closed. For inscriptions, click here.

This memorial is for those lives lost in the Taranaki Land Wars. Click here for the story.

This carillon was built by George Kibby as a memorial to his wife Mabel. It plays 4 times a day and has a range of about 25 songs. Carillon photos by Hubby.