care to guess?

I have no idea what this it--whether it's the remains of last year's blooms or the beginning of something new--but I take photos of it just about every time I see it at Hollard's because the color stands out. I believe it's witch hazel. 



Camelias were in bloom all over Hollard Gardens this weekend--red, pink, white and some combinations.


spring is on its way

After a month of getting my back into working order again, Hubby took me out to my favorite garden, Hollard Gardens, today and we walked around for a bit of exercise. There is color peeking from many trees and bushes, so I know that spring is truly just around the corner.

foamy waters


swan plant blossoms

These are the beautiful blossoms of the swan plant when the monarch caterpillars don't eat the plant bare.



raindrops on succulent

It's winter here in New Zealand and most of the world looks quite bleak. I took this shot from my front porch after a winter rain. I really like all the geometric shapes with the perfectly round drops in between.


winter at bason botanical gardens

Hubby took these photos this weekend at Bason Gardens. Click here for the story of the place.  I think he has a natural knack for scenery. My back is getting better but not quite up to getting out for photos, yet.


Humphrey who lives at Waverley

My back was a bit better and we went for a ride to Waverley last weekend. The locals told us that there are 4 seals that frequent the beach there, but we only ever manage to see one, and Hubby named him Humphrey.

taken by Hubby


NZ harrier falcon

I caught sight of this magnificent bird on our way out yesterday and I hope to get many more at the house as time goes by. They are beautiful creataures.