Wednesday around the World

This is from my archives. Today there is almost no snow on the mountain
(Mount Taranaki/Egmont) as the temperatures hit some record highs.

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garden colors

I thought I'd share my dahlias with you.

And then, I thought I'd share the other blooms I have in the 
garden at the moment, too.


Whenever we drive on back roads, I love it when we find wild goats
that give me a change to photograph them before they scatter.

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lovely mold

It's amazing what you find when you look closely at the world around you. 
This is mold in the corner of a window. 

Insulation is something that has only been required here in houses the last few years, 
so there are lots of opportunities for mold.


pincushion flowers

I have fallen totally in love with pincushion flowers. Their tiny petals
make me smile :)


abandoned barn and WATW

This barn seemed to have some character even in its abandoned state.

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Hubby feeding his friends, the eels at Te Henui stream in New Plymouth.

Some New Plymouth artwork

Pukekos on our road


a little color for you!

Our area of the country has been declared a drought area but our little 'micro climate'
doesn't seem to be hit too hard. Hubby waters his veggies often but my flowers don't seem to  
need watering very much.

I thought my balloon flower was gone forever, but I guess it was just too tired
to bloom last year. I was so excited to see it that I bought it some friends :)

This crocosmia from African grows everywhere along the roadsides and Hubby
was kind enough to dig some up for my garden :)

I hope to have lots of pincushion seeds to plant next year.

I showed you my gladiolas before but I really like this shot.

I planted some phacelia seeds that didn't come up last year but surprised me this year in several places. You'll probably see more pics of these :)

I think this is a mullein although I've never seen it in my garden before.

Gazanias grow well in all parts of my garden and I can 
always count on them for gorgeous color.

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