south island scenes


These photos are from Pancake Rocks in the South Island.

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full moon

One of the great things about living out in the country with no neighbors is the awesome sky, especially at night.

hollard gardens

We wandered around at Hollard Gardens this week for the first time in ages. It was fun to see the color that is still around with our very warm autumn.


my autumn garden

It's the middle of autumn and we are still waiting for cooler weather--don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining at all! We have had some cool evenings and nights but only had a fire in the fireplace last night for the first time. 
The garden thinks it's spring, I think. My camelia has buds, one azalea has two blooms on it, the jasmine keeps blooming now and then, some mini-pokers bloomed a second time. and the rest....well, just look!!



flowers in monochrome

These flowers were photographed in Tupare Gardens not long ago.


I noticed these lovely windows when we were on our holiday,

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mt taranaki moods

It's easy to take in the every-day beauty around you and forget to record it in a photograph, but I did manage to shoot these scenes of Mt Taranaki. With or without clouds and/or snow it's a great sight.




paradise shelducks in Picton

reindeer farm

sailing lessons, picton harbor