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Winter sky and WATW

Winter has been very mild but it's still winter and the sky reflects the season.

So, what is happening in your world this week? I'm sure you can find some bit of beauty to share with the rest of the world, so blog about it and show us!

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drive-by church

I don't know when I took this photo but I remember feeling that it was a very peaceful place. It's Opaea Church near Taihape.


flowers in winter

We took a ride to Hawera the other day and I was surprised to see so many flowers in bloom. It seems that this very, very  mild winter has affected flowers all over Taranaki.


tiromoana road

Usually, roads are closed because there is construction. 
This road doesn't have any work going on. I can't even begin to guess why it is suppose to be closed. 

For a closed road, it sure gets a lot of traffic, as you can tell by the tire tracks. I'm pretty sure all the vehicles down this road aren't just being rebellious like we were :) 

It must be a short-cut that we don't know about since we met a few trucks on our 25 minute ride that only has about four farm entrances on it.

I don't think I have ever seen this many pukekos together.

And these wild turkeys barely noticed that we were there.


wild birds

 Shag (Cormorant)

 Common Gulls



Busy beach and Wednesday around the Word

Sometimes, I just have to wonder what was going on before I got to the beach! There, obviously, was something of interest to the gulls.

So, what has been interesting in your part of the world this week?

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The Not-exactly-strawberry moon

There's nothing major to harvest here in the Southern Hemisphere winter, so I can't find an appropriate substitution for 'Strawberry Moon.' But, it's still a pretty, full moon.

The 'moon' setting on my camera gave me 5 different colors to use to capture the moon.