I always smile when I see young pukekos with their huge feet!

Cape Kidnappers coastline

Wherever we go, I find the coastline, with all its layers, fascinating. Our tractor driver/guide explained them but my brain doesn't grasp all the millions-of-years stuff. I did, however, understand when he told us that the places where the lines don't match up are fault lines (in the first two shots). Mostly, I just enjoy God's wonderful creations and am in awe that He shares such beauty with us.


roadside beauty

On our way home from a fantastic holiday, we stopped at a rest stop for a cuppa. I wandered around and found these. I assumed they are what's left of some flowers but I found them quite intriguing. 

*edit* Thanks for all the ID's of 'Old Man's Beard'.  Hubby was the first to let me know its name, that it's a variety of clematis and that it is an invasive weed here that the government is trying to eradicate.


art deco of Napier

After the 1931 earthquake in Napier, the town was rebuilt in the art deco style of the day. The Public Trust building (in the 2nd mosaic) was the only building that didn't fall and influenced the decision.

Hubby chose for us to tour the town in a 1938 Packard! It was all original and owned by a local company that allowed it to be used for the tours. Sue was an excellent driver and she had hats and boas for us to wear!

These are photos of the National Tobacco Company building. It has quite a history. Click here.


Wednesday around the World

This is a bloom from the Butterfly Garden that we visited. I will be blogging about it soon.
*edit* Thanks, Magia over at Magic Ines, for identifying this as a passion flower!

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pied stilts

These two didn't see me coming or they would have flown away.


St James Union Church, Thames

This historic place was registered under the Historic Places Act 1980. The following text is the original citation considered by the NZHPT Board at the time of registration.
Built in early 1897 this impressive church is an excellent example of the use of Kauri as both a structural and decorative element. Designed in the Gothic manner it has a fine tower seen to advantage on the corner site. The interior is noteworthy for the splendid use of Kauri panelling and also the rare form of stained glass in the lancet windows.
St James' Church makes a valuable contribution to the streetscape of Thames being sited in the main street in the busy commercial area. Historically it is important for its links with the town's gold mining industry. http://www.heritage.org.nz/the-list/details/131


kiwi fruit in black and white

We stopped at Kiwi360 for coffee in Te Puke and sipped it under this canopy of fruit.

Katikati Bird Garden

We made a brief visit to Katikati Bird Garden and saw some really great birds; however, it was soooo hot that we didn't catch all the sights there, so we have put it on the list for a revisit at some point. These are most of the birds that we saw. The definitely know that people mean food and it was fun to feed them.


holiday skies

This is the Auckland skyline from Big Bay.

Whakatane Harbor


Delicately pink

I captured these beauties in a little park in Napier. I have never seen them before, but they remind me of cotton candy candy floss. If you know their name, I do hope you let me know.

*edit* Thanks to Donna over at Gardens Eye View, this is a Joey flower. Upon further research, it's a native to Australia and very heat resistant and they call it Mulla Mulla. Thanks so much, Donna!!


I have no idea what this flower is but I thought it was awesome. The cicada was a bonus!

Breakers Cafe and Bar

We ate at Breakers one night and the food was wonderful! This is a New Zealand chain that has a sense of humor!


Gannet Beach Adventures

While we were in Hawke's Bay, we hopped onto the back of a trailer and were pulled out along the beach by an old, old American tractor! It was part of the 4-hour Gannet Beach Adventure experience (click for link) to Cape Kidnappers to see a gannet colony up colse. 

 We were treated to some great scenery and commentary as we were pulled along places you wouldn't think any vehicle could go! Even for 'cautious' folk like me, it was a fun trip. Of course, there were a few times when the driver told us to 'hold on' but mostly, it was quite pleasant going. Here are just a few of the photos that Hubby and I took.


This is part of the first colony along the beach. The second was a walk at the end of the beach, but we didn't go that far.

The gray babies were more interested in us visitors than the adults.

This was a great trip along the beach, even without seat belts!

oystercatchers and WATW

This is one of the many sights I loved on our holiday last week. I've never seen so many oystercatchers in one place before!

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roadside snaps

A river monster on the way to Te Puke.

Statue of Wairaka in Whakatane Harbor. Click here for her story.

A penny-farthing bicycle.

Captain Cook stataue in Gisborne. That's where he first landed in New Zealand.

Kowhai sculpture in Napier. Kowhai is the Maori word for 'yellow' and the name of a native tree.


Bugger Cafe, Pipiroa

If you want a place to sip a cuppa or just have a laugh at the decor, this is the place, Bugger Cafe in Pipiroa. According to their webpage, the name was picked simply because you would remember it. And the service is great, too!

the tractor


Big Bay, Awhitu

The first stop on our trip was at Big Bay. It's on the Awhitu Peninsula, just south of Auckland.

I was quite taken with all the sealife on the beach from anemones to coral, oysters to sand dollars and even a sea slug. But most of all I was intrigued with the beach itself. The 'sand' looked like pieces of hollowed out tree trunks at some places. Other parts were oyster covered rocks. It's a definite change from Taranaki beaches.


stingrays and king fish and eagle rays, oh my!

One of the highlights of our holiday was to wade out into the ocean and see wild stingrays swimming around our feet! We went to a place called Dive Tatapouri just outside of Gisborne and a guy named Jason let us use these lovely 'designer' waders and bamboo poles. He then led us out to meet his friends.

The other fish in the photos are kingfishes. Apparently, they are the type of fish that is good for sushi  but some of these guys have avoided being caught for a long, long time.

This is a huge stingray getting up close and personal with me and my bamboo stick. They were weirdly fun to pet. I didn't feed them because I couldn't bend over to the bed of the ocean but Hubby and His Mom did!

The stingrays and eagle rays and kingfish have been fed here for about 12 years so they know not to bite the hands that feed them--most of the time, anyway! It was an interesting opportunity with the hardest part being the walk out onto the reef. But definitely worth it if you are ever in the area!

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